March 6, 2012

We Changed…

Clay Shirky gave the keynote address at the 2011 Penn State TLT Symposium (the symposium for teaching and learning with technology). I appreciate Clay for his keen insight and his ability to articulate how socially adopted advancements in technology change the social and economic landscape. Simply put, when we change the way we communicate we change the way we behave.

It’s a great conversation, I highly recommend it.

In the last few moments Clay sums it up with…
It’s not just about adding some new tools to an existing ecosystem.
It’s about building a new ecosystem.

And that’s exactly our challenge isn’t it? Many see the broken and wonder who’s going to fix it while others are relieved it’s finally broken and engage the possibility of a new opportunity and future. What is that? I’m not sure, yet the truth is we crossed the infamous bridge into the 21st Century and we now find ourselves in a new social context. The many to the many (and that never happened on a global scale before).

So now that we’re all here in the big 21 I wonder why some of us still act as if it’s going to remain the same, especially those that hold out for a return to the way it was. That ain’t possible. It can’t happen. Sometimes I think we accepted the technology (for the toys and fun we have with them), yet we’re a little slow accepting the responsibility that came with the gift.

We are now the purveyors of content, the creators, the agents of change, the authors, the producers, the entertainers, and the thought provokers. As amateurs I pray we do something quite different and better than the media we are often quick to judge.

They is now us.

I don’t pretend to have the answers (and that’s a total relief to me and I hope it is for you too!) but I suspect in 5 years we’ll be looking back at now as them olden days. We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift and it won’t be business as usual 5 years from now (expecting different results) with a few more gadgets, apps, and gizmo’s added on to make it a little more fun and entertaining.

We changed.

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